COVID-19: Spread the Science, not the Virus Seminar Series

COVID-19: Spread the Science, not the Virus, is an interactive seminar series organized by Drs. Frasso & Patel and Robert Wilson of JCPH's MPH Program. The goal of the series is to help the Jefferson Community learn what we can about COVID-19 and its impact on public health and the healthcare system.

The weekly lecture series will ​feature experts with information you can use to better understand the role of public health in addressing the pandemic. Topics include: epidemiology, policy, public health response, medical countermeasures, health disparities, mental health aspects, and communication challenges as it relates to the disease as well as lessons learned from local and global perspectives. Visit our Website for more information and to register.

COVID-19: Epidemiology & Emergence
April 15: COVID-19 Epidemiology Basics
April 22: Impact on our Healthcare System
April 29: COVID-19 Emergence

Public Health Response, Healthcare Preparedness, and Medical Countermeasures
May 6: Philadelphia Department of Public Health Response
May 13: Pharmaceutical Countermeasures
May 20: Telemedicine & Lived Experience
May 27: Lessons from Italy

COVID-19 in Special Populations and Impact on Mental Health
June 3: COVID-19 & Marginalized Communities
June 10: Resources, Ethics, & COVID-19
June 17: Social Distancing & Mental Health
June 24: COVID-19: Perspectives on the Known & Unknown

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Submissions from 2020

COVID 19: What’s Next? Do Your Part, David B. Nash, MD, MBA; Rosemary Frasso, PhD, CPH; and Ami Patel, PhD, MPH

Social Distancing and Mental Health, Stephen DiDonato, PhD, LPC, NCC

Ethical Foundations for Fair Allocation of Scarce Critical Care Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Barbara Bennett Jacobs, MPH, PhD, RN, HEC-C

Vulnerable and Marginalized Communities During COVID-19: A Focus on Children, Lauren VonHoltz, MD, MPH

Lessons from Italy, Vittorio Maio, PharmD, MS, MSPH

Telemedicine and COVID-19, Aditi Joshi, MD

COVID-19: Pharmaceutical Vaccine Development – General Process & Focus on a DNA-based Vaccine, Timothy Herring, MPH

Every Response is Local: Inside the Philadelphia Response to COVID-19, Jessica Caum, MA, MPH, CPH

COVID-19: Transmission Models that Inform Policy, Gary Smith, MA, MA, DPhil, PGCE

COVID-19: Impact on Our Healthcare System, Drew A. Harris, DPM, MPH

COVID-19: What Can Epidemiology Tell Us?, Ami Patel, PhD, MPH