About the Commons

The Jefferson Digital Commons, or JDC, is Jefferson's open access institutional repository. It is a free service of the Academic Commons (AC) that helps you share your scholarly work with the world. All Jefferson faculty, staff, researchers, and students are able to contribute.

The Jefferson Digital Commons holds a wide variety of material from across Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. The primary requirement is the work must have been created by a Jefferson department or unit, by an individual while affiliated with Jefferson, or by an individual for Jefferson (such as for an invited lecture), with a focus toward scholarly and institutional output. Content includes, but is not limited to, published articles, posters, conferences, grand rounds, journals, newsletters, theses, dissertations, and student material. If you have content you would like added that is not represented, just reach out to one of our librarians and we can discuss if your work is a good fit for the JDC.

Publishing work in the Jefferson Digital Commons is encouraged because it increases the reach and impact of your work. Not only will your work be findable through the JDC, it will also show up in major search engines like Google, Google Scholar, and Bing. You will also be supporting open access. Often when you publish an article it gets put behind a paywall, limiting the number of people who can access it. By including your work in the JDC it will be freely available to anyone. Lastly, the JDC give you access to a rich set of metrics like the Author Dashboard and PlumX Metrics, which allow you to understand who is accessing your work and how.

Have questions, or would you like to add content to the Jefferson Digital Commons? Please contact digitalcommons@jefferson.edu