About the Commons

Jefferson Digital Commons is a showcase of faculty and student work, a departmental archive and our university press.

In the Commons' role as a showcase of scholarly works by Jefferson researchers and students, scholars at Jefferson may use it to disseminate, publicize, and archive their work. Researchers and other interested readers from anywhere in the world may use it to discover and keep up-to-date with Jefferson scholarship. The Commons is a central online system that manages the storage, access and preservation of a variety of materials and formats, including working papers, preprints, postprints, multimedia teaching materials, books, theses and dissertations.

Departmental annual reports and other public documents associated with Jefferson academic units may be archived in the Commons for preservation. Jefferson Digital Commons also supports the publication of electronic journals and other original material. Publication support software includes processes for peer review and communication among editorial boards. This service is free to Jeffersonians.

Jefferson Digital Commons is administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning. CTL is currently working with a small number of academic departments and research centers to demonstrate the capabilities of the repository, develop policies and procedures for participation in the repository, and load representative materials. Participation in the Commons is open to all Jefferson Units, as well as by individual faculty, students and staff. Student materials require faculty approval prior to deposit.

Access to materials archived within the repository is free of charge to all users. Jefferson Digital Commons also offers links to electronic dissertations of Jefferson students provided by ProQuest's UMI Digital Dissertations service, though these dissertations are not part of the repository itself. All users have free access to 24-page previews of the dissertations. Members of the Jefferson community may access the full content of Jefferson dissertations free of charge. Other users may purchase the full content from ProQuest.

Jefferson Digital Commons is produced with DigitalCommons software licensed by CTL from the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress).

For questions, comments and inquiries about Jefferson Digital Commons, contact

Kelsey Duinkerken
Special Collections & Digitization Librarian
Center for Teaching and Learning
Thomas Jefferson University
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107