Presentations from 2022

Research Update In Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Boosting Your Immune System: A Modern Day Look at Ancient Preventative Measures, Ken Grey, AP, DOM

Varieties of Spiritual Experience: Implications for Health and Wellness, Andrew Newberg, MD

Improving Inpatient Care: An Integrative Approach, Nathan Handley, MD and Julita Mitchell, MD

Integrative Approach to the Prevention and Management of Atherosclerosis, Mara Caroline, MD

Integrative Ophthalmology, Robert Abel Jr.,MD

Update on Cannabis: How do we guide our patients and what does the evidence show?, Brooke Worster, MD

All In: Inclusion in Practice, Wendy J. Ross, MD, FAAP and Jane Tobias, DNP, CRNP

Presentations from 2021

Pain Management & Medical Cannabis: An Integrative Therapeutic Approach, Linden Matthew Schwartz, MD, FAAPM&R, CIR

Utilizing Reiki Therapy to Manage Anxiety and Pain in the Oncology Outpatient Setting, Yvonne Hamill, DNP, RN, CPAN

MDMA and Ketamine for Treatment Resistant PTSD and Depression, Will Van Derveer, MD

Regenerative Medicine: Treating Chronic Pain & Orthopedic Conditions, Scott Greenberg, MD

Cardiovascular Disease: The Heart-Gut Connection, Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM

Building an Integrative Medicine Consultation Service in Oncology Q&A Session, Soussan Ayubcha, MD and Madeleine Becker, MD

Clinical Application of Integrative and Nutritional Modalities for COPD and Viral Lung Diseases, George Zabrecky, DC, MD

Correcting Eating Behaviors with Neurofeedback, Christina Herring, MD

Presentations from 2020

The Power of Personality, Anna Tobia, PhD

What to Know About Acupuncture – Evidence and Clinical Practice, Mary Ellen Scheckenbach, M.Ac., L.O.M.

Homeopathy-What is the Evidence, Bernardo Merizalde, M.D.

Integrative Approaches to Treating Headache, Mijail Serruya, MD, PhD

The Passion for Paleo: Food Fad or True Disease Fighting Tool?, Reina Marino, MD

Guided Imagery, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga, Bernardo Merizalde, MD

Perinatal Depression: Conventional and Integrative Approaches to Treatment: Current Evidence, Madeleine Becker, MD, MA, FACLP

Update on Cannabidiol, J. Michael Bostwick, MD

The Great Disconnect: Diet, Nutrition, and Health Status in the U.S.: A Rationale for Integrative Nutrition, Daniel A. Monti, MD, MBA

Presentations from 2019

Men's Health: Diet and Nutrition Considerations for Midlife and Beyond, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD

Evidence-Based Nutritional Approaches to Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Mind, Body and Cancer Care: The Data and the Questions, Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, MACP

The Role of p75NTR in Neurological Disorders and Integrative Medical Modulation, George Zabrecky, DC, MD

Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences Research Update, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Eat More, Weigh Less, Be Healthy: Lessons from Evolution and Psychology, Anna Tobia, PhD

Presentations from 2018

Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Markers as Integrative Medicine Tools, Rashna Staid, MD

Behavioral Evidence for Cognitive Reserve, Marie Stoner, M.Ed.

Neuro-Cognitive Nutrition/Bredeson Protocol, Reina Marino, MD

Hemp & Cannabinoid Therapy, Alex Capano, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC

Diet and Inflammation in Rheumatic Diseases, Yiu Tak Leung, MD, PhD

Osteoporosis: The Bare Bones of Integrative Treatment, Birgit Rakel, MD

20 Years of Mindfulness Research: From Self-Report Surveys to Cell Signaling Pathways, Jeffrey M. Greeson, PhD, MS


An Integrative and Neurophysiological Approach to Traumatic Stress, Daniel A. Monti, MD, MBA

The Broad Application of Laboratory Directed, Selected Natural Substances, for Promotion of Homeostatic Regulation: A Component of the Integrated Medical Model, George Zabrecky

Presentations from 2017

Why Do A Q? 6 Good Reasons to Use a qEEG in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders, Christina Herring

Diet and Cancer: How Plant-Based Diets Compare with Western Diets in Terms of Cancer Risk, Reina Marino, MD

Neuroimaging in Integrative Medicine, Andrew B. Newberg, MD


Noninvasive Brain Stimulation and Personal Identity: Ethical Considerations., Jonathan Iwry, David B. Yaden, and Andrew B. Newberg

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Biomedical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment, Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Ed.D., LPC, BCN, LLC

Diet, Gut, Brain: An Update, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain, Diane K. Reibel, PhD

Hypnosis and Pain Management?, Bernardo Merizalde, M.D., ABIHM

What can we Learn About Mental Health from Chinese Medicine?, Jingduan Yang, MD

Presentations from 2016

Neuroimaging in Integrative Psychiatry, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Integrative Brain Health, Mijail Serruya, MD, PhD

Optimizing Brain Health - The Brain Nutrient Rx, Rashna Staid, MD

Applying What We Know: The Need for Mindfulness Based Cardiology, Stephen Olex, MD

Alternative Treatments for Anxiety for the Medically-ill Patient, Andrea Miller, MD

Hope in Hell: how we can help our patients when they love someone with substance problems, Anna Tobia, PhD

Resolution Mechanisms in Inflammation: New Lipid Mediators, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD, ABIM, ABIHM

Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Birgit Rakel, MD, ABIHM

Is There Such A Thing As Dosaging in Homeopathy?, Bernardo Merizalde, MD, ABIHM

Presentations from 2015

Mindfulness Training for Older Adults: Programs and Research Outcomes, Aleezé Moss, PhD

Methylation Disorders in Mental Illness, Jingduan Yang, MD, FAPA

PET-MR Guided Integrative Medicine, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Biofeedback and the Quantified Self-Movement, Marie Stoner, M.Ed.

DSM-V in the Primary Care Setting: An Overview of Mental Disorders for Busy Doctors, Anna E. Tobia, PhD


An Integrative View of Hormonal Restoration, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD, ABIHM

Mindfulness in the Workplace: Current Research, Diane K. Reibel, PhD

Presentations from 2014

Idiopathic Multimorbidity a.k.a. Somatization Disorder & Integrative Approaches, Bernardo Merizalde, M.D.

The Connection of Mind, Body and Spirit-Chinese Medicine Perspective, Jingduan Yang, MD

Integrative Medicine and Palliative Care, Birgit Rakel, MD

The Metaphysics of Health: How Philosophy and Medicine are Linked, Andrew B. Newberg, MD

Talking to Insomniacs, Dimitri Markov, MD

Basic Concepts in Stem Cells, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD

Mindfulness in Medicine and Healthcare, Diane K. Reibel, PhD

Presentations from 2013

Chinese Medicinal Diet, Jingduan Yang, MD

Diet Modification as a Novel Therapeutic for Cancer Treatment: When Less is More, Nicole Simone, MD

Inflammation and Mood, Daniel A. Monti, MD

Oxidative Stress as a Driver of Cancer Metabolism, Ubaldo E. Martinez-Outshoorn, MD


Homeopathy: A New Scientific Perspective, Daphne Goldberg, MD, FABFM, ABIHM

Degenerative Joint Disease and Tendinopathy, Jeremy Close, MD

Integrative Holistic Management of Menopause, Wendy Warner, MD, ABIHM

Membrane Medicine: Neurometabolic Cellular Stabilization with Lipid Therapy for Treatment of Neurological Disease, Patricia Kane, PhD

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment, Aleeze Sattar Moss, PhD

Presentations from 2012

Does Diet Really Matter?, Daniel A. Monti, MD

Communication in Health and Wellness: How Words Can Change Your Brain, Andrew B. Newberg, MD


Acupuncture Outcomes in Challenging Clinical Cases, Ming Yang, PhD


Imagery Techniques for Relief of Pain and Anxiety during Medical Procedures, Larry Burk, MD, CEHP


How to Maximize the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, David Shipon, MD, FACC


Is the Doctor Really In?, Susan Marcel, DO, ABPN


Integrative Medicine Pharmacotherapy for the Treatment of Depression, Lex Denysenko, MD


Integrative Psychiatry: Beyond Medications and Psychotherapy, Ilana Nusbaum, MD, MPH


Vitamin D in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Nazia Raja-Khan, MD

Presentations from 2011


Key Elements of Integrative Fitness (Part 1), Bettina Herbert, MD, FAAPMR


Key Elements of Integrative Fitness (Part 2), Luke Shechtman, CSCS


JeffQuit: An Empirically Validated Tobacco Cessation Method, Anna Tobia, PhD


Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Jingduan Yang, MD


Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, Charlie Strange


Clinical Homeopathy, Ronald Boyer, MD


An Integrative Approach to Tick Bourne Disease, Ann F. Corson, MD


An Introduction to Genomics, Anthony J. Bazzan, MD


Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) as a Targeted Pro-Oxidant Therapy for Cancer, Daniel A. Monti, MD


Principles of Neurotheology, Andrew B. Newberg, MD