Presentations from 2008

Hormone therapy: An integrative view, Anthony Bazzan

Light therapy for circadian and mood disorders, Brenda Byrne

Low back pain: An integrative approach, Ian Cyrus

Complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of infertility: A look at the evidence, Jacqueline N. Gutman MD

How the results of a recent food supplement study underscores the future needs of integrative medicine research, Patrick J. LaRiccia

Integrative approaches to PMS and menopause, Birgit Rakel

Biofeedback: A practice in self-regulation, Marie Stoner

Presentations from 2007


An integrative approach to osteoporosis, Anthony J. Bazzan


Facilitating emotional and physical health with intensive short-term psychotherapy, Patricia Couglin


An integrative approach to cardiovascular disease, Erminia Guarneri


Osteopathy as a cornerstone of integrative medicine, Bettina Herbert


Pseudo-depression in the medically ill patient, James Stinnett

Presentations from 2006


Light and health: Effects of wavelength on human biology, behavior and therapeutic responses, George C. Brainard


Complementary stress reduction approaches for cancer patients, Daniel A. Monti


Why we believe what we believe: How our beliefs affect health, Andrew Newberg


Integrating classic Chinese medicine and conventional Western medicine, Jingduan Yang

Presentations from 2000

A homecoming evening wtih Andrew Weil, MD, Andrew Weil