Presentations from 2010


Integral Model of Human Development and Psychotherapy, Bernardo A. Merizalde, MD


Using Integrative Medicine to Address the Sequelae of Early Abuse and Its Relationship to Chronic Pain, Bettina Herbert, MD, FAAPMR


Mindfulness and Health Policy: Can Meditation Inform Public Health?, Elizabeth R. Mackenzie, PhD


Depression-Understanding the Mind and Body Connection, Jing Fang , MD


Integrative Rehabilitation: Focus on Multiple Sclerosis, Georgia Tetlow, MD, FAAPMR


Integrative Approaches in the Treatment of Autism, Christina DiNicola, MD, FAAP


Facial Rejuvenation: East meets West, Jingduan Yang, MD and Nancy G. Swartz, MD


Practicing Mindfulness Together: Maximizing the Power of "Withness", Don McCown, MAMS, MSS


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Cancer Care, Jingduan Yang, MD

Presentations from 2009


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Physiological Effects and Health Outcomes., Diane K. Reibel, PhD


Acupuncture’s role in Pain Management, Jingduan Yang, MD


The Great Life Makeover, a couples guide to weight, mood and sex- for the best years of your life- and your relationship., Daniel A. Monti, MD and Anthony J. Bazaan, MD


Chiropractic- history, practice, potential, Tedd Koren, DC


Acupunture for Mental Health, Jingduan Yang, MD


Healthy Sexuality: A Clinical Perspective, Arlene Goldman, PhD

Yeast Meets West: Red Yeast Rice versus Statins. Comparative Research on Chinese Red Yeast Rice versus Statin Therapy for Hyperlipidemia., Steven C. Halbert, MD


Nutritional and Integrative Medical Approaches to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Joel S. Edman

The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, David M. Shipon

Determinants of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Cancer Survivors, Jun J. Mao

Presentations from 2008

How the results of a recent food supplement study underscores the future needs of integrative medicine research, Patrick J. LaRiccia

Low back pain: An integrative approach, Ian Cyrus

Integrative approaches to PMS and menopause, Birgit Rakel

Complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of infertility: A look at the evidence, Jacqueline N. Gutman MD

Biofeedback: A practice in self-regulation, Marie Stoner

Light therapy for circadian and mood disorders, Brenda Byrne

Hormone therapy: An integrative view, Anthony Bazzan

Presentations from 2007

Osteopathy as a cornerstone of integrative medicine, Bettina Herbert

Facilitating emotional and physical health with intensive short-term psychotherapy, Patricia Couglin

An integrative approach to osteoporosis, Anthony J. Bazzan

An integrative approach to cardiovascular disease, Erminia Guarneri

Pseudo-depression in the medically ill patient, James Stinnett

Presentations from 2006

Integrating classic Chinese medicine and conventional Western medicine, Jingduan Yang

Complementary stress reduction approaches for cancer patients, Daniel A. Monti

Light and health: Effects of wavelength on human biology, behavior and therapeutic responses, George C. Brainard

Why we believe what we believe: How our beliefs affect health, Andrew Newberg

Presentations from 2000

A homecoming evening wtih Andrew Weil, MD, Andrew Weil