Submissions from 2022

Trust And The Patient with Opioid Use Disorder, Elise Paquin, MD and Michael Noonan, DO

Substance Use and Misuse by Older Adults: Why We Should be Concerned, Susan W. Lehmann, M.D.

ECT For Catatonia Of Non-Psychiatric Origins, Andrew Mumma and Carey Meyers

Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christopher J. McDougle

Gambling addiction and its treatment: Is the deck stacked against us?, Michael Antzis, MD; Jacob Buinewicz, MD; and Alisa Olmsted, MD

"You Wouldn't Understand:" Understanding the Inherent Challenges in Treating Cannabis Use Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Winifred Wolfe, MD and Noah Schwartzman, DO

Mental Health Challenges in the Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community - February 2, 2022, Chen Zhou, MD and Triston Wong, MD

42nd Annual Albert M. Biele, MD, Memorial Lecture: The Past, Present, and Future of Psychedelic Medicine - January 26, 2022, Michael Bogenschutz, MD

Anxiety Disorders and Sleep - January 19, 2022, Saad Bin Jamil, MD and Talar Kachechian, MD

Endocannabinoids and Cannabinoids: Science and Politics in 50 Minutes - January 12, 2022, Marina Goldman, MD and Kavita Fischer, MD

Submissions from 2021

Mental Health Issues in Athletes a Team Physician's Perspective - December 15, 2021, Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM, FAMSSM


Lessons of the Opioid Epidemic - December 3, 2021, Mitchell J. Cohen, MD; Joey Flaxer, MD, PhD; and Marianna LaNoue, PhD

Building Bridges, Opening Doors: The Many Benefits of Academic-Community Partnerships - November 17, 2021, David Beckmann, MD, MPH

35 year old man with a 1st incident of self mutiliation: past history, event and subsequent outcome - November 10, 2021, Solange Margery Bertoglia, MD

Centering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2021: Cultural Humility and Anti-Racism in Psychiatry - November 3, 2021, Nhi-Ha Trinh, MD, MPH

Emergency Psychiatry Presentation: Review of Involuntary Treatment - October 27, 2021, Kenneth M. Certa, MD and Sharon Chaing, MD

What You Know and How You Know It: Privacy and Boundaries in an Electronic Era - October 20, 2021, Kathleen C. Dougherty, MD, DLFAPA

The ABC Model of Suicide Risk Assessment - October 13, 2021, J. Anderson Thomson, Jr, MD

Making Your Mark on Mental Health Advocacy - September 29, 2021, Marilyn J. Heine, MD, FACEP, FACP, FCPP

Mindfulness in Medicine and Healthcare - September 22, 2021, Diane Reibel, PhD and Aleeze Moss, PhD

Bias at the Bedside: A Toolkit for Upstanders - September 15, 2021, Adrienne T. Gerken, MD

The Public Health Side of Suicide Prevention - September 8, 2021, Matthew Wintersteen, PhD

Eight Kinds of Lies: Understanding and Management - September 1, 2021, Salman Akhtar, MD