Submissions from 2023

Thwarted Psychological Needs and the Cessation of Life: Thoughts on Suicide, Matthew Wintersteen, PhD

Treatment Recommendations and Barriers to Care for Suicidal LGBTQ+ Youth, Lucas Zullo, PhD

Internet Gaming: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Aqsa Malik, MD and Daryan Namba, MD

Ten Most Important Lessons I Learnt by Being a Physician for 55 Years, Salman Akhtar, MD

Achieving Equity Within Psychiatry Education, Christine M. Crawford, MD, MPH

If You Build It: Creating and Sustaining a Comprehensive Guardianship Pathway in a University Hospital, Alethia J. Battles, JD, LMSW

Self-Assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool (SMART): Addressing Structural Racism in Community Mental Health, Rachel Talley, MD and Sosunmolu Shoyinka, MD, MBA

Approach to Treatment Resistant Depression in Youth, Adelaide S. Robb, MD

Dance/Movement Therapy as a Treatment Option for Individuals with Schizophrenia, Jacelyn Biondo, PhD, BC-DMT, LPC

An Integrated Action Framework for Health Equity Impact, Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH

The Psychiatrist Will See You Now: Building Effective Pediatric Collaborative Care Models, Kiran Johal, DO, MPH and Meghan O'Rourke, DO

Between Two Pandemics: Race, Health, and COVID-19, Wanjikũ F. M. Njoroge, MD, DFAACAP

Suffering in Silence: Healthcare Professionals with Substance Use Disorders, Jacob Buinewicz, MD and Frantz Aubry, MD

The Mental Health of Physician Trainees: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future, Collin Sherman, MD and Brian Uhm, MD

Multidisciplinary Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Andrea Plawecki, MD and Thomas Kaffenberger, MD

Philadelphia's Overdoes Fatality Review: Findings and Recommendations, Zoe Soslow, MS

Submissions from 2022

43rd Annual Albert M. Biele, MD, Memorial Lecture - The Descent of Agamemnon and the Disquietude of Job: The Death of Agency as the Spur of Suicide, Thomas Joiner, PhD

Violence in Our Backyard: Origins, Understanding and Management, James Hagenbaugh, PsyD and Shawn Blue, PsyD Thomas Jefferson University

Bioethics in the Era of COVID-19, Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD

A Story of Trauma, Discrimination, and Resilience, Solange Margery Bertoglia, MD

Long-Term Drug Delivery and Impact on Health Outcomes, Steven J. Siegel, MD, PhD

Environment and the Health Experience, Wendy J. Ross, MD, FAAP; Michael P. Barrett, OTD, OTR/L; Sujith Nalabolu; and Andrew Zeiger

Crisis 2.0: Philadelphia's Response to 988, Sosunmolu Shoyinka, MD, MBA

Remedying Misconceptions in Health Science: At the Intersection of Diversity, Motivation, and Conceptual Learning, Marcus L. Johnson, PhD

Peer Specialists as Teachers in Psychiatric Settings, Stephen J. Fedele, CPS, BA

How to Talk about Racial Issues in Psychotherapy with African American Teens and Their Families, Mia A. Smith-Bynum, PhD

Recurrent Foreign Body Ingestion, Kenneth M. Certa, MD

Seven Types of Truth and their Clinical Significance, Salman Akhtar, MD

Lost and Found: A Journey Through Suicide Loss with a Survivor, Amanda Blue

TJUH Non-Medical Opioid Withdrawal Guidelines for Admitted Patients: An Introduction, Christopher R. Martin, MD and Sharon Chaing, MD

Lessons From the Opioid Crisis, Mitchell Cohen, MD; Joey Flaxer; and Marianna LaNoue

The Place of Religion in Child Psychiatry: Experiences and Implications, David Halpern

Trust And The Patient with Opioid Use Disorder, Elise Paquin, MD and Michael Noonan, DO

Substance Use and Misuse by Older Adults: Why We Should be Concerned, Susan W. Lehmann, M.D.

ECT For Catatonia Of Non-Psychiatric Origins, Andrew Mumma and Carey Meyers

Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christopher J. McDougle

Gambling addiction and its treatment: Is the deck stacked against us?, Michael Antzis, MD; Jacob Buinewicz, MD; and Alisa Olmsted, MD

"You Wouldn't Understand:" Understanding the Inherent Challenges in Treating Cannabis Use Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Winifred Wolfe, MD and Noah Schwartzman, DO

Racial Literacy for Healing Trauma, Howard Stevenson, PhD and Constance E. Clayton

Mental Health Challenges in the Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community - February 2, 2022, Chen Zhou, MD and Triston Wong, MD

42nd Annual Albert M. Biele, MD, Memorial Lecture: The Past, Present, and Future of Psychedelic Medicine - January 26, 2022, Michael Bogenschutz, MD

Anxiety Disorders and Sleep - January 19, 2022, Saad Bin Jamil, MD and Talar Kachechian, MD

Endocannabinoids and Cannabinoids: Science and Politics in 50 Minutes - January 12, 2022, Marina Goldman, MD and Kavita Fischer, MD

Submissions from 2021

Mental Health Issues in Athletes a Team Physician's Perspective - December 15, 2021, Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM, FAMSSM


Lessons of the Opioid Epidemic - December 3, 2021, Mitchell J. Cohen, MD; Joey Flaxer, MD, PhD; and Marianna LaNoue, PhD

Building Bridges, Opening Doors: The Many Benefits of Academic-Community Partnerships - November 17, 2021, David Beckmann, MD, MPH

35 year old man with a 1st incident of self mutiliation: past history, event and subsequent outcome - November 10, 2021, Solange Margery Bertoglia, MD

Centering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2021: Cultural Humility and Anti-Racism in Psychiatry - November 3, 2021, Nhi-Ha Trinh, MD, MPH

Emergency Psychiatry Presentation: Review of Involuntary Treatment - October 27, 2021, Kenneth M. Certa, MD and Sharon Chaing, MD

What You Know and How You Know It: Privacy and Boundaries in an Electronic Era - October 20, 2021, Kathleen C. Dougherty, MD, DLFAPA

The ABC Model of Suicide Risk Assessment - October 13, 2021, J. Anderson Thomson, Jr, MD

Making Your Mark on Mental Health Advocacy - September 29, 2021, Marilyn J. Heine, MD, FACEP, FACP, FCPP

Mindfulness in Medicine and Healthcare - September 22, 2021, Diane Reibel, PhD and Aleeze Moss, PhD

Bias at the Bedside: A Toolkit for Upstanders - September 15, 2021, Adrienne T. Gerken, MD

The Public Health Side of Suicide Prevention - September 8, 2021, Matthew Wintersteen, PhD

Eight Kinds of Lies: Understanding and Management - September 1, 2021, Salman Akhtar, MD