Faculty as Learner: Re-Invigorating Teaching Practices as a Community


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The teaching profession has long-been plagued with an identify crisis. Faculty balance multiple roles in their professional lives, including that of subject matter expert, researcher, clinician, teacher and mentor.

The session will discuss frameworks that attempt to capture the full range of faculty roles and institutional structures that impact how faculty enact their responsibilities. Participants will be asked to reflect on their professional lives and how they have prioritized their roles and responsibilities. One role often overlooked is that of lifelong learner. Faculty members must keep current with developments in their disciplines, treatment protocols and research. Faculty, however, may not make time for continued learning and the development of their teaching practice. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the importance of lifelong learning when it comes to maintaining a robust and lively teaching practice and available opportunities and resources for assistance.



1. Describe multiple roles and responsibilities of the 21st century faculty member.

2. Apply the faculty profile framework to one's professional life.

3. Identify strategies to connect with role of lifelong learner in one's teaching practice.

Presentation: 53:00

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