1st Annual Digital Teaching Inventory Initiative


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Presenters in order of appearance:

Audrey Zaplatel, MS, OTR/L (Occupational Therapy) 0:09-2:31
“Foster Discussion in Large Classes with the “Wave”

Jeffrey Klemens, PhD (Biology) 2:33-3:15
“Use Drawing as a Window into Understanding”

Jeff Ashley, PhD (Chemistry, Center for Teaching, Innovation & Nexus Learning) (3:17-4:11)
“Take Pedagogical Risks”

Renee Bollenbach, MSN, RN (Nursing) (4:12-6:29)
“Engage Students with Hands-On Activities”

Les Sztandera, PhD (Computer Information Systems) (6:30-7:57)
“Involve Industry and Community Partners”

Tracey Earland, PhD, OTR/L (Occupational Therapy) (7:58-9:39)
“Frame with “Three Probing Questions”

Anthony Frisby, PhD (Center for Teaching and Learning) (9:40-10:11)
"Enhance Participation with Nearpod"

Kelly Lennen, MS, CT(ASCP) (Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology) (10:12-11:32)
"Answering Questions with Guiding Questions"

Julie Phillips, PhD (Center for Teaching and Learning) (11:33-12:40)
"Embrace Chaos"

Anne Bower, PhD (Biology) (12:41-13:37)
"Give Learners a Menu"

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