Generational Cohorts in the Work Setting and Classroom: Understanding Differences and Maximizing Strengths


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The workforce and student body that comprise the Jefferson community consists of members from diverse generational cohorts. Examining the tendencies, characteristics, and preferences of our colleagues and students from these different generations provides insight into some striking differences between them, as well as some shared commonalities. This session will describe the challenges and opportunities created when generational diversity is appreciated. We will use both a Human Resource and Academic lens to share observations regarding cohorts working together and shaping the work environment, be it a patient care area or a classroom setting. The ability to choreograph teams composed of members from representative generational cohorts adds to the value of our work.

Mary Bouchard, PhD, MSN, CNS, RN, CRRN



1. Describe characteristics and preference of generational cohorts that make-up Jefferson's workforce and student populations.

2. Discuss how generational differences among members of the workforce influence institutional culture.

3. Explain how generational diversity can positively impact health care delivery.

Presentation: 55:09

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