Inviting them in: Teaching Medical Students About The Patient Centered Medical Home


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As the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care delivery has moved to the forefront of primary care re-design nationally, it is critical that medical students understand the principles of PCMH and are given hands-on opportunities to put these concepts into practice. We agree with a joint statement from multiple primary care professional organizations citing a "remaining need" to "provide a foundation in primary care medicine and PCMH." In this session we will discuss our approaches to teach students about PCMH and explore ways to embed student clinical experiences into NCQA-designated PCMH primary care practices. We will explore ways to structure a PCHM curriculum, focusing on key topics such as panel management, coordinated care, quality, and safety. We will consider the resources necessary to teach students about PCMH, and will discuss successes and challenges in incorporating various members of the interdisciplinary clinical team into the student educational experience. We will close with strategies for assessing student performance.



1. Describe how to create a PCMH curriculum map, cross-walking medical student learning objectives with entrustable professional activities (EPAs) and ACGME core competencies.

2. Demonstrate how to embed students with a PCMH and understand the possible education roles of multi-disciplinary members of the PCMH care team.

3. Apply methods for didactic teaching of PCMH concepts.

Presentation: 31:53

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