Most Recent Additions


Human Machine Teaming (Panel Discussion #3)
D’Andre Carpenter, Jonathan L. Gleeson, and Nassar Nizami


Clinical Environments of the Future (Panel Discussion #2)
Jennifer Schneider, Dominique Casimir, Clayton Mitchell, and Stephanie Conners


The Patient Provider Relationship Reframed (Panel Discussion #1)
Zeev Neuwirth, Lisette Martinez, Katie Fitzpatrick, and Edmund Pribitkin


Conference Kickoff
Bruce Meyer


OnPoint Program Update
Jonathan L. Gleeson


The Transition to Peer Learning
C. G. Roth, H. V. Naringrekar, and A. E. Flanders


CD44-targeted, indocyanine green-paclitaxel-loaded human serum albumin nanoparticles for potential image-guided drug delivery.
Karthik Thangavel, Asha Lakshmikuttyamma, Chellappagounder Thangavel, and Sunday A. Shoyele


Voided urine test to diagnose prostate cancer: Preliminary report.
R B Nerli, Shridhar C Ghagane, Saziya R Bidi, Mathew L Thakur, and Leonard G Gomella


Visual Analog Pain Scores Reported to a Nurse and a Physician in a Postoperative Setting
Trevor McBride, BS; Aaron Wilke; Jamie Chisholm, MBA; and Kevin D. Martin

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