T cell responses to persisting and non-persisting infections

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E. John Wherry, PhD, graduated from Thomas Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in 2000, receiving a doctorate in microbiology and immunology after completing his dissertation in the lab of Laurence "Ike" Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD. In his relatively short career since then, he has risen to Associate Professor (with tenure awarded in 2010) and is currently the Director of the Institute of Immunology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He has published over 120 articles, many of which are in prestigious journal such as Nature, Science and Immunity and has contributed review articles to Nature Immunology and Immunity among others. Dr. Wherry currently holds grants worth in excess of $6 million and is the director of a U19 Award.

Dr. Wherry's research has been focused on understanding the factors that influence the differentiation of T lymphocytes, in particular the cytotoxic subset marked by the expression of CD8+ T cells. His lab is now considered one of the pre-eminent labs in the transcriptional analysis of T cells. He was identified by Smithsonian magazine as one of 37 scientists under age 36 whose careers were full of promise.

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