Submissions from 2020


Is Your Mask Uncomfortable?, Jake Mulroy, W. Alan Pentecost, Chelcie Puetz, and Kelsey Rowe


COVID-19, Serendipity, and Strange Interlude: Gloria in Absurdicum with an Apology to Ovid, Lawrence Charles Parish and W Clark Lambert

Images from 2018


2018 Resident Presenters

Events from 2017

Global Research and Exchange between Institutions: Pre-Clinical, Translational, Clinical and Applied Research: Panel #1, Steven B. McMahon, PhD (Moderator); Isidore Rigoutsos, PhD; Matthias J. Schnell, PhD; Michael R. Sperling, MD, PhD; Mathew L. Thakur, PhD; and Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD

Submissions from 2014


Meet our Surgical Interns

Manuscripts from 2013


Does skin pigmentation effect readings of cerebral oximeter devices while on cardiopulmonary support?, Christine Feldmeier, MD; Harrsion Pitcher, MD; Qiong Yang, MD; Nicholas C. Cavarocchi, MD; and Hitoshi Hirose, MD, PhD