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With a 20 year history, we have implemented a multifaceted IPE program for members of the urology team. These include urologists, both faculty and community, residents, medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical technicians/assistants and administrative/ clerical personnel with patient contact. The program was designed with three components: a yearly symposium for all, and journal club(JC) and lectures for non-physicians. Participation is on a voluntary, noncompensatory basis. Outcome measures include routine anonymous participant feedback via questionnaire.


The programs were very positively received. Limiting obstacles were also observed. Initially too many papers were assigned in the Journal club. Timing of lectures became impossible because of the demands of office and OR schedules. The lecture and JC portions were merged. The symposium has been most successful and enduring. The major difficulty has been for the speakers to present on levels for all participants.


A program for education of individuals at different levels of learning, experience and practice can be designed and may require modifications to suit all participants.

Poster presented at Annual Faculty Day at Thomas Jefferson University.

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