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As the need for an educated individual to also be a global citizens becomes more recognized, it is incumbent upon educators to infuse global health concepts into the curricula. This presentation explores ways to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGGs) across the curricula. The infusion of the SDGs into the curricula stems from the work of the Global Health Initiatives Committee (GHIC), an interdisciplinary committee convened and charged by the university president to help coordinate global health efforts university-wide. Composed of faculty from the various colleges, GHIC works to consolidate individual expertise to minimize duplication and inefficiency of effort. Two methodologies were used to develop this program curricula design and an interactive curriculum experience (iCE) to promulgate the SDGs to all faculty. Integrating the SDGs in curricula is a dual challenge of maintaining the holistic focus of SDGs while aligning specific goals with core global health foci.


Poster presented at 8th annual Faculty Days at Thomas Jefferson University.