Development and Implementation of Shared Content Via the iCE Platform and Application

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iCE (Interactive Curricula Experience) offers faculty members opportunities to develop active teaching methods that spark students' curiosity and encourage exploration and discovery that appeals to millennial learners. iCE facilitates implementation of active learning techniques such as the flipped classroom and team based learning resulting in more engaged learners.

Interprofessional faculty teams have created shared content in several areas including cultural humility and competence, global health, medical interpreters, research and TeamSTEPPS. iCE provides a mechanism to weave these content threads into courses in all academic programs. The iCE Platform & App facilitates and encourages faculty collaboration through shared course content that can be accessed, duplicated or modified by all faculty for use in their courses.



Through attendance at this Hands-on/Interactive Workshop participants should be able to:

1. Identify how to enhance the learner experience using the iCE Platform & App to deliver traditional and innovative teaching approaches.

2. Explain how to develop "shared content" modules among faculty members.

3. Engage with faculty members who are using iCE to explore how the iCE Platform & App can support innovative teaching goals.