e-Portfolios in Practice

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This presentation focuses on the practical application and implementation of e-Portfolios in the health sciences discipline. The presentation discusses objectives of developing student e-portfolios, portfolio integration into the curriculum across the health sciences professions, implementation and challenges. It demystifies the varied definitions of e-Portfolios and different types of portfolio software. There will be a showcase of e-Portfolios and portfolio templates used in the Doctor of Nursing Program, and the Master of Public Health (MPH) program, and the Doctoral Capstone Course in Occupational Therapy.


After the presentation, participants should be able to:

1. Describe objectives for the development and use of student e-Portfolios and their potential applications for student professional development and career opportunities.

2. Discuss the various components of e-Portfolios based on the different health professions in the health sciences.

3. Describe the various implementation strategies programs have used and how they have addressed implementation challenges.

Presentation: 57 minutes

(Note: Audio was cut-off, but entire PowerPoint slide deck is located at bottom of this page)

Ivy's_e-Portfolio_Prezi.pdf (9990 kB)
Ivy Tan's complete Prezi presentation

2015 FacDevDay Jennifer.pdf (170 kB)
Complete PowerPoint slide deck