The goal of this and future podcasts is to show another dimension of the department and to exemplify the open atmosphere created by our leaders.


Podcasts from 2016

Women in Physics, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD; Laura Doyle, MS; Virginia Lockamy, PhD; and Amy Harrison, MS

Hyperthermia and Thermal Oncology, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD; Mark Hurwitz, MD; Paul R. Stauffer; and Dario B. Rodrigues

Physics Residency Program, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD; James Keller, PhD; Amy S. Harrison, MS; Virginia Lockamy, PhD; Emily Kremmel, MMP, MPR2; and Michael Hardin, MS MPR2

Insights in Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment Options and Associated Toxicities., Adam Dicker, MD, PhD and Adam J. Luginbuhl, MD

Dr. Dicker interviews David Nash, MD, MBA, Dean of Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD and David B. Nash, MD, MBA

Interview with Dr. Ulrich Rodeck, MD, PhD, Ulrich Rodeck, MD, PhD and Adam Dicker, MD, PhD

Interview with Dr. Shi, Dr. Yu, Dr. Dicker and Dr. Ma (answers in Mandarin), Wenyin Shi, MD, PhD; Yan Yu, PhD, MBA; Adam Dicker, MD, PhD; and Xin-Liang Ma, MD, PhD

Podcasts from 2015

FAQ: Special focus on the Radiation Oncology Residency Program at Thomas Jefferson University, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD and Voichita Bar-Ad, MD

Entrepreneurship in Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics, Adam Dicker, MD, PhD; Yan Yu, PhD; and Hyun Kim, MD