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Dr. Oxman is a full-time appointment as an assistant professor, a clinical educator with his clinical time split between Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at the center city campus and Methodist University in south Philadelphia. Dr. Oxman will be an attending intensivist supervising house staff and pulmonary critical care fellows predominantly in the medical ICU. Dr. Oxman's specific areas of interest include procedural aspects of critical care, antibiotic stewardship in the ICU, use of ultrasound in the ICU, medical ethics, and quality improvement. Dr. Oxman has an active medical license in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Oxman completed his medical school at Temple University, and a categorical three year residency in Internal Medicine also at Temple. This was followed by a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Tufts Medical Center, a Fellowship in Surgical /Critical Care at Brigham and Women's Hospital and most recently a Fellowship in Medical/Critical Care at Hahnemann University. Dr. Oxman was a Research Fellow at Harvard School of Medicine. He has board certifications by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Oxman has worked as a clinical hospitalist and intensivist at several institutions, most recently at Mercy in Philadelphia.

Dr. Oxman is ideally suited as a clinician intensivist to pursue career development in the administrative aspects of delivering critical care in a changing health care environment. He will seek active guidance from a variety of individuals in leadership positions both in the university side and the hospital side. He will further sharpen skills in quality metrics and evaluating quality related data.



1. Discuss the barriers to effecting patient autonomy at the end of life.

2. Explore the effectiveness of advance directives for advancing patient autonomy.

3. Discuss alternative approaches to advancing patient autonomy at the end of life.

Presentation: 50 minutes