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Dr. Kavuru is a pulmonary and critical care clinician scientist with a long-standing interest and experience in a variety of lung disorders, translational research, and multi-center clinical trials. I am the Division Director and are responsible for growing a robust academic pulmonary and critical care program that excels both regionally and nationally. I am board-certified in both pulmonary and critical care medicine and I am a Professor at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in center city Philadelphia. I trained at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and was on faculty there for 14 years, and was the Director of the PFT lab for 10 years. I was instrumental in starting the Sarcoidosis Center at CCF. I have an active clinical practice at Jefferson in both the outpatient setting as well as the hospital medical ICU. I am a co-director of the Jefferson Center for Critical Care. In these administrative capacities, I am involved in critical care from an organizational perspective and closely interface with intersivists from several disciplines as well as the emergency department. I have been a PI on a variety of pulmonary clinical trials over 20 years ranging from asthma, sarcoidosis, sepsis, ARDS, and pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. I have participated in a variety of NIH-funded consortia [i.e. Sarcoid Genetic Analysis (SAGA) consortium, Rare Lung Disease Consortium] and a variety of RO-1s as a co-investigator or a PI on the parent trails. Currently, I am a co-investigator on a pharma-funded sepsis study and an ARDS study and I have been the PI on several prior multi-center studies. I have authored or co-authored over 100 original publications. I have co-mentored 3 junior faculty in NIH K awards. Overall goal for our division is to provide world-class patient care with compassion, train the best pulmonary physicians, and contribute to advances for the future of our specialty. We wish to do this by broad-based collaborations and partnerships in a collegial atmosphere.



1. Rich history of WASOG as a forum

2. Consider the current state of research in sarcoidosis including limitations

3. Briefly review the results of the latest biologic trial for sarcoidosis

Presentation: 57 minutes