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This article is the author's final published version in Science Advances, Volume 10, Issue 9. March 2024, Article number eadi2742.

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Androgen receptor (AR) drives prostate cancer (PC) growth and progression, and targeting AR signaling is the mainstay of pharmacological therapies for PC. Resistance develops relatively fast as a result of refueled AR activity. A major gap in the field is the lack of understanding of targetable mechanisms that induce persistent AR expression in castrate-resistant PC (CRPC). This study uncovers an unexpected function of active Stat5 signaling, a known promoter of PC growth and clinical progression, as a potent inducer of AR gene transcription. Stat5 suppression inhibited AR gene transcription in preclinical PC models and reduced the levels of wild-type, mutated, and truncated AR proteins. Pharmacological Stat5 inhibition by a specific small-molecule Stat5 inhibitor down-regulated Stat5-inducible genes as well as AR and AR-regulated genes and suppressed PC growth. This work introduces the concept of Stat5 as an inducer of AR gene transcription in PC. Pharmacological Stat5 inhibitors may represent a new strategy for suppressing AR and CRPC growth.

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