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The epoc Blood Analysis System (Alere, Orlando, FL) performs blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites using a Blood Gas Electrolyte and Metabolite (BGEM) Test Card panel on 92 uL of whole blood. The BGEM test card uses potentiometric sensors to measure sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, pH, pCO2; amperometric sensors to measure pO2, glucose, and lactate; and a conductometric sensor to measure hematocrit. Results are available in 3-10 minutes, depending upon the time between calibration and patient testing. TJUH implemented the epoc in its ICUs in 2012 to provide Point of Care (POC) results. Alere recently added creatinine and chloride sensors to its BGEM cartridge. At the request of our Emergency Department, we evaluated creatinine and chloride on the epoc.

Poster presented at: American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia PA.

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Performance of Creatinine and Chloride on the epoc Analyzer


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Performance of Creatinine and Chloride on the epoc Analyzer