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sensory integration, cultural adaptation, parent education, play, Hong Kong


Presentation: 21:16

Presentation completed in partial fulfillment of a Post Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree at Thomas Jefferson University.


Introduction: Occupational therapy using Ayres Sensory Integration® is an evidence-based intervention that includes parent education and participation to support outcomes. However, culturally-adapted guidelines for this parent component in Hong Kong have not been published.

Objective: To culturally and linguistically adapt Module 1 of the Ayres Sensory Integration® Caregiver Education Guidebook: “The Importance of Play” for Hong Kong parents of children with sensory integration challenges and obtain user input to determine if it is useful, easy to understand, and culturally relevant.

Method: Survey methodology from a convenient sample of 10 occupational therapists using Ayres Sensory Integration for at least 5 years. The surveys used a four-point Likert scale: strongly agree (4), agree (3), disagree (2), and strongly disagree (1) as well as closed choice and open-ended questions for detailed feedback for respondents giving a rating of 3 or below.

Results: The average ratings ranged from 3.60 to 3.90 indicating a generally positive reception. Respondents recommended additional training for therapists to use the module effectively. Despite some areas needing clarification and adaptation to local cultural practices, the overall likelihood of utilizing the module in practice was high with no sections deemed inappropriate or offensive. The feasibility, possibility, and ease of implementation were also rated positively with a mean of 3.70 or above.

Conclusion: Occupational therapists in Hong Kong rated the module are receptive to integrating the module into their practice.