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Objective: To investigate the common features of cervical pediatric Castleman disease (CD).

Study Design: Case report and literature review of pediatric patients with cervical CD.

Methods: Online medical journal databases were searched for patients aged 18 years or younger. Eighteen published papers were found, comprising 29 cases. One case from our institution was also included for a total of 30 patients.

Results: An asymptomatic mass in level V was the most common presentation. No gender differences were noted. Multiple forms of imaging were pursued, and no particular modality showed signs specific for CD. All cases were treated with complete surgical excision and diagnosed as hyaline-vascular type on histology, except for one case, where histologic type was not reported. No reports of multicentric disease, plasma cell, or mixed histology were found. No recurrences were reported.

Conclusions: This poster provides the largest known literature review of pediatric patients with cervical CD. In our analysis, there is a higher propensity for level V than previously reported in small studies. While CD is rare, it should be considered on the differential for a pediatric neck mass, particularly when presenting with an asymptomatic posterior neck mass and equivocal work-up. Fortunately, our study suggests that, if diagnosed as CD, the most likely diagnosis is hyaline-vascular type for which the long-term prognosis is good. Surgical excision is both diagnostic and therapeutic.