Reiki and Mindfulness: Effects on Pain Levels, Patient Experience and Patient Satisfaction on an Inpatient Medical-Surgical Unit

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The ability to provide relationship-centered care is paramount to improving quality in healthcare and thus improve the patient’s experience and satisfaction with their care. The incorporation of Integrative Therapies into traditional nursing practice can act as a mechanism to provide balance between harried nursing tasks and demands and patient-centered quality care. The purpose of this research study is to examine the effects of Reiki and Mindfulness on pain levels, patient satisfaction, and patient experience scores on an inpatient medical-surgical unit. This quality initiative trained a small group of registered nurses to become Integrative Practitioners in order to provide Integrative Therapies at the bedside. Methods used to capture the variables of interest were pre and post intervention surveys. The findings of the study showed a 76% decrease in pain levels, 73% increase in comfort levels and a 59% increase in patient experience following the application of Reiki and Mindfulness by the Integrative Practitioners. Additionally, there was overwhelming positive feedback (92%) by the participants to have Integrative Therapies as part of the standard of care for patients in the hospital. These findings are in alignment with prior research which show the positive benefits of these modalities.



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