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Dental caries in children has been identified as a public health challenge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Among those factors associated with their presence is the role that parents play in their children’s oral hygiene practices and how much it affects their development. The knowledge and awareness levels of the parents when it comes to maintaining proper oral hygiene in their children are still limited in the KSA, and a well-rounded characterization of these levels is needed for the problem to be addressed. Hence, a rapid systematic review was conducted to synthesize the evidence from published articles and present the status of the parent’s knowledge levels as well as suggest possible interventions to help address the issue. Using multiple literature databases and following set inclusion criteria, 6 articles were chosen for this review out of 38 originally searched. These articles covered studies done in the cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Hail, and Aljouf of school-aged children and their parents in the country of KSA. The findings of these studies gathered and analyzed showed a correlation between parental awareness and involvement levels in their children’s dental hygiene practices and the prevalence of dental caries. The review offers a list of the areas in which intervention should focus while attempting to increase awareness: knowledge of gum diseases and plaque, methods and duration and frequency of teeth brushing, frequency of dental visits and their preventive importance, and many other topics that should be taught to every parent.



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