Submissions from 2020


Hospital Readmissions: Mess Formulation, Carol Haines, Jerin Juby, Sung Won Paek, Anne McCafferty, Jennifer Gramata, Jarrod Combs-Harris, and Andrew Braverman


Case Study: Horse Drawn Carriages in Philadelphia, Bibi Khan, Michael Jones, Hamid Bertal, and Regina Tendayi

Submissions from 2019


Life Lessons from Working with Russell Ackoff, Steven F. Freeman, PhD

Submissions from 2018


Strategic Plan: 2018 and Forward - Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education, Lauren G. Collins, MD; Elena M. Umland, PharmD; Shoshana Sicks, EdM; John Pourdehnad, PhD; Larry M. Starr, PhD; Tom Guggino, FISW; Pamela Tull, MBA; Robyn Chin, MBA; Sylvia Liu, MSEd; Paula Smith-Benson, MSN; Raul Virella, MSA; and John Ervin, MBA


Linkage Mapping Whatcom County: A New Community Utility - Maps for Navigating Complexity and Chaos Always a Work in Progress, Marc Pierson, MD