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A Word From the Writing Team (Newsletter) (Academic Commons (AC) and Jefferson Libraries)

A Word from the Writing Team (formerly A Word from the Writing Center) is a monthly newsletter from the Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication that includes writing tips for academics, learning opportunities to improve writing, and publishing news of note. This newsletter is sponsored by the Scott Memorial Library and the Academic Commons.

Bodine Journal

The Bodine Journal highlights the research covered by the Department of Radiation Oncology at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. It is my pleasure to show the depth and breadth of our organization and the talent of our staff and faculty. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

CenterPieces (Center for Applied Research on Aging and Health)

Newsletter of the Center for Applied Research on Aging and Health (CARAH)

Sharing our activities in research, education & clinical innovation to advance healthy aging.


The Center seeks to enhance the quality of life for people as they age through research, training of health professionals and facilitation of evidence-based clinical service. This is accomplished through theory-driven research with practical health care and quality of life implications. The Center seeks to develop models for translation of research into clinical practice, as well as explore opportunities for academic-community partnerships. We encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to problems of public health importance covering the topics of physical frailty, dementia care, end of life comfort care, healthy aging, aging at home in place and quality of life issues.

Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation (JCIPE) (Jefferson Center for InterProfessional Education)

The Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation e-newsletter is a bi-annual on-line peer-reviewed newsletter which stimulates discussions around interprofessional education and care. Feel free to view, print and distribute this publication to your networks.

Evanescent (Jefferson Center for Injury Research and Prevention)

Evanescent is a literary journal published by the Jefferson Center for Injury Research and Prevention and dedicated to stories of injury and all its victims.

We seek submissions of high-quality writing on themes related to injury, including short nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Submissions are welcomed from all members of the Jefferson community.

Please send your submissions to

Gibbon Surgical Review (Gibbon Surgical Society)

The Gibbon Surgical Review (GSR) is a non-peer reviewed journal for medical school students to publish articles about the opportunities at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. This biannual journal is headed by the John H. Gibbon Jr. Surgical Society, and focuses around editorial and opinion pieces about some of the exciting surgical opportunities that are developing in the surgery department, and the university in general.

Innovator (Thomas Jefferson University)

“Change is good,” observes Allen Sirkin ’64, H’10, on page 58.

This issue of Jefferson Innovator finds hope and even fun in all kinds of change. For Aaron Ulland (p 28), change means conquering “the beast.” His life was turned upside down by a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body. But in a study seemingly out of a sci-fi story, Jefferson researchers are changing his odds by implanting an electrode in his brain that’s returned movement to his arm.

For the students at this year’s Celebration of Innovation (p 42), change is about new solutions, putting novel ideas into practice to make the world a better place.

For higher ed, Covid19 disrupted—or maybe accelerated—thinking about the future of work, revealing the primacy of skills like creativity and adaptability and constant learning. Jefferson saw this trend before the pandemic, so naturally changed the curriculum to weave creativity throughout all courses (p 52).

For the inimitable Farai Simoyi, director of Fashion Design, change is something to embrace (p 36). “I think sometimes people want to make a switch, start a new project, or go into a new career,” she says. “Why wait? Life is too short—the time is now!”

Inside Out (Student Works)

We are excited to share this year’s edition of Inside Out with you!

One year since the last publication of this magazine and so much of the world has changed. In many ways, we continue to be challenged as students, healthcare workers, and members of the Jefferson community. We struggle to balance a reverence for what has been lost over the last two years with a gentle optimism for the future. Despite this uncertainty, what is clear is that creating and sharing art will continue to be a critical way for us to reflect and better understand ourselves. The diverse collection of written work and visual art represented in this magazine speaks to the complexity of our Jefferson community, and in that complexity we see beauty. Through this publication, we celebrate the achievements of our contributors and take inspiration from their art.

We are deeply grateful for the contributions of the Jefferson community to this magazine. The vulnerability, strength, and self-reflection exhibited in their pieces is truly admirable and we are sincerely thankful for their openness to share.

Amy Baumgart & Steven Bieser
Editors in Chief

John Curran & Alice Wu
Literary Directors

Connor Crutchfield & Roselind Ni
Art Directors

inSIGHT (Student Works)

inSIGHT is a student-run, non-peer reviewed journal established by the Thomas Duane Ophthalmology Society to highlight the innovative ophthalmic research, procedures, and faculty at Wills Eye Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University. inSIGHT aims to promote student interest in ophthalmology by supporting peer authors to report on diverse aspects of the field, through editorial and opinion pieces.

Jefferson Currents: The Energy Conservation Newsletter

Currents is the energy conservation newsletter for Thomas Jefferson University.

Welcome to our Jefferson Currents Newsletter. This newsletter will highlight our energy conservation efforts throughout the enterprise.

The total energy spend for Jefferson is now more than $40 Million per year. The challenge – how do we manage this for maximum savings. The good news – we have a solid proven plan for doing this, as described in this newsletter. But we need your help.

Every employee in every Department can help to reduce our energy costs.

Please learn more... and take action!

Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry (Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior)

ISSN 1935-0783


The Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry is published by the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its mission is the publication of clinical research and clinical writing by residents in psychiatry everywhere; a mission, so far as we are aware, that is unique among psychiatric journals. The editorial board, other than an advisor from the Department's faculty, is composed entirely of residents, including the editor-in-chief.

Jefferson Surgical Solutions (Department of Surgery)

Jefferson Surgical Solutions is published by Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. It is a semiannual publication for friends and colleagues of Jefferson's Department of Surgery.

Information in Jefferson Surgical Solutions is not intended to provide advice on personal medical matters or to substitute for consultation with a physician.

Jefferson Translations

The Department of Medicine published the newsletter Translations.


The name "Translations" represents a fundamental aspect of our mission: translating information from the basic science laboratory, seminal clinical trials, and outcomes research to improvements in patient care as well as student and postgraduate education. While the completion of the human genome project and technologic advances in high throughput genotyping, robotics, and the molecular biology of many human diseases have resulted in an explosion of new therapies and devices, it is often difficult to keep track of these many advances, much less identify what novel resources are available at Jefferson to help in care of the patient.

The issues of Translations will inform you about the department's ongoing research, clinical, and educational activities, so that both doctors and patients are able to take better advantage of the range of opportunities available at Jefferson.

JeffHOPE News (Student Works)

JeffHOPE: Health Opportunities, Prevention & Education

We passionately commit ourselves to treat the underserved men, women, and children of Philadelphia, embracing the values of kindness, equality, and excellence. We accomplish this mission by providing free, quality care to all, through student-run clinics; educating our patients on their health and how to maintain it; advocating for improved patient care; and teaching each other to become stronger clinicians. We aim to empower these individuals to regain their footing and climb out of poverty.

JHN Journal (Department of Neurosurgery)

ISSN 2325-2839

The JHN Journal is published by Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. It is a semiannual publication for friends and colleagues of Jefferson's Department of Neurological Surgery.

Information in the JHN Journal is not intended to provide advice on personal medical matters or to substitute for consultation with a physician.

Leadership Doctorates Newsletter (Formerly Strategic Leadership Newsletter) (Jefferson School of Continuing and Professional Studies)

Jefferson Leadership Doctorates Newsletter reports information relevant to the Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) Strategic Leadership and Complex Systems Leadership programs and communities including personal and professional events, accomplishments, new practices, research, opportunities, and suggestions.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives Newsletter (Office of Diversity and Inclusion)

The newsletter from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, intended to reach our students, residents, and faculty and spread awareness about diversity initiatives at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University!

One Jefferson News (Thomas Jefferson University)

Population Health Matters (Formerly Health Policy Newsletter) (Jefferson College of Population Health)

The mission of the Jefferson College of Population Health is to prepare leaders with global vision to develop, implement, and evaluate health policies and systems that improve the health of populations and thereby enhance the quality of life.

Population Health Matters is a quarterly newsletter designed to further the mission of the College of Population Health by highlighting initiatives that have policy implications at the local, regional, or national levels. Population Health Matters is governed by an editorial board composed of Thomas Jefferson University faculty and expert stakeholders.

Prescriptions for Excellence in Health Care Newsletter Supplement (Jefferson College of Population Health)

A collaboration between Jefferson School of Population Health and Eli Lilly and Company

Prescriptions for Excellence in Health Care is devoted to the quality improvement agenda. Change, in regulations, technology, and quality measurement, to name a few, is accelerating exponentially. Amid this constant change, it is challenging for health care professionals to remain current on the programs and initiatives being implemented. To help address this issue, Jefferson's College of Population Health has partnered with Eli Lilly and Company to produce this newsletter. Together, we aim to provide you with essential information from the quality improvement and patient safety arenas.

Sci-Tech News

ISSN 0036-8059

Sci-Tech News (ISSN 0036-8059) is published quarterly (March, May, September, December) by the Chemistry, Engineering, and Science-Technology Divisions, the Aerospace Section of the Engineering Division, and the Materials Research and Manufacturing Section of the Chemistry Division of the Special Libraries Association.

The AC's Research Support Newsletter (Formerly AISR Connections) (Academic Commons (AC) and Jefferson Libraries)

Welcome to the Academic Common's (AC) research support newsletter! This semi-annual report will introduce you to tools to assist with your research, highlight support available at every stage of the process, and invite you to events related to research and publishing.

The resources outlined in this newsletter are available to all Center City and East Falls faculty, clinicians, students, and staff through a site-wide license paid for by the Jefferson Libraries. Visit the Library website and the AC website to access these tools and support.

The Medicine Forum

ISSN 2325-2863

The Thomas Jefferson Medicine Forum (TJM) is an annual publication of scholarly works produced by Thomas Jefferson Internal Medicine residents. TJM includes a wide variety of case presentations, individual research pursuits, reviews, and images reflecting important disease processes. The editors of TJM are exclusively Jefferson IM residents. The TJM gives our residents both publishing and editing experience that is invaluable and translatable to careers long after residency.

Thomas Jefferson University Research Magazine (Thomas Jefferson University)

Thomas Jefferson University’s Research Magazine reflects the tremendous level of commitment, energy and momentum embodied in the Jefferson research enterprise.

At Jefferson, we work hard to bring people, ideas and resources together in new ways—creating opportunities to apply knowledge, methods and technologies from one field, to questions asked in another. This year, our research report offers a glimpse of how convergent thinking is manifest across our institution – through multidisciplinary teams who combine their research to solve challenges, as well as those who team up to tease apart the interwoven problems that comprise complex challenges.

Our research enterprise is robust and growing. We are having major impact across the research spectrum—from making fundamental discoveries on the nanoscale and atomic levels to the translation and application of new therapies, processes and products in health care, industry, local communities and multifaceted ecosystems.

Discover the many ways that Jefferson researchers are moving past boundaries to pursue opportunity and surmount our world’s most significant challenges.

Value-Based Purchasing Newsletter (Jefferson College of Population Health)


Value-Based Purchasing is a quarterly newsletter intended to help employers become more effective purchasers of health benefits on behalf of their employees. Contents include tools and practical strategies for employers, as well as evaluative findings and opportunities for readers to share their experiences.