Titles of the Jefferson Medical College yearbook volumes vary:

  • 1899-1901 Class book
  • 1902 Ganglion
  • 1903--1907 Class book
  • 1908 Opsonin
  • 1909 Autopsy
  • 1910 Anamnesis
  • 1911 Neurone
  • 1912 Exudate
  • 1913 Anatomist
  • 1914 Benefactor
  • 1915 Clinician

Original copies of the Jefferson Medical College Yearbooks are kept in the University Archives.

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2003 Clinic Yearbook, Lisa Collea and Miriam Post


2007 Clinic Yearbook, Peter Moffett


2008 Clinic Yearbook, Christopher Yingling


2009 Clinic Yearbook, Amelia Jernigan


2010 Clinic Yearbook, Kelly McGlaughlin


2013 Clinic Yearbook, Yearbook Editors