The Graduate Medical Education Cultural Competency Curriculum is an eighteen-month curriculum with bimonthly sessions designed to provide the resident physician with the knowledge and tools for providing patients with the optimum culturally-sensitive care. The curriculum focuses on three main areas: interpersonal communication skills, healthcare challenges of unique patient populations and health disparities.


Submissions from 2018


Inequalities in Health Care and Outcomes: What can be done to fix the problem?, LeRoi S. Hicks MD, MPH, FACP

Foundations of Racism in Medicine: An Introduction, Linda Magaña, MSc, PhD and Kevin J. Gutierrez, MS


The Care of the Deaf Patient, Jason Rotoli

Submissions from 2017

Punching Ideological Extremism in the Face: A Neuroscience-based Approach to Bridging the Partisan Divide, Emile Bruneau, PhD

How does unconscious bias affect your work? How does it affect your life?, Bernie Lopez, MD, MS, CPE


Refugees 101: An Introduction to Refugee Issues and Refugees in Philadelphia, Gretchen Shanfeld, MPH

Black Man in a White Coat - A Doctor's Reflection on Race and Medicine, Damon Tweedy, MD