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This article is the author's final published version in American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports, Volume 30, June 2023, Article number 101833.

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Purpose Intratumoral bacteria and their potential application to cancer immunotherapy have been a topic of interest in recent studies. To our knowledge, bacteria in uveal melanoma have not been previously reported.

Observations We describe a patient with a large choroidal melanoma, measuring 18 × 16 mm in basal dimension and 15 mm in ultrasonographic thickness, managed by plaque brachytherapy. At the time of plaque removal, a prophylactic scleral patch graft was placed to protect from anticipated scleral necrosis. Progressive ocular ischemia led to a blind and painful eye. The enucleated eye demonstrated an extensively necrotic and heavily pigmented mushroom-shaped regressed cilichoroidal mass deep to the scleral patch graft. Numerous Gram-positive cocci were noted within the regressed uveal melanoma and the adjacent sclera.

Conclusions and Importance This case highlights the fact that regressed uveal melanomas can contain intra-tumoral bacteria.

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