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This article is the authors’ final published version in Urology Case Reports, Volume 39, November 2021, Article number 101811.

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Amyloidosis of the urinary bladder is a rare cause of gross hematuria. In patients with systemic amyloidosis, identification is nearly always related to cardiac complaints; urologic presenting symptoms are extremely uncommon. We present a 77-year-old male patient with painless gross hematuria ultimately found to be secondary to systemic wild-type transthyretin amyloidosis. He underwent transurethral resection of the bladder lesion and was initiated on transthyretin stabilizing medication. In the 6 months since starting treatment, the patient has had no further episodes of gross hematuria, but will require cystoscopic surveillance for evidence of recurrence or concomittment urothelial carcinoma.

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