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The Department of Urology at Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is generally acknowledged as the oldest formal Department of Urology in the US, formally designated as the Department of Genitourinary Surgery in 1904. The Department has been under the direction of 8 chairmen and has trained over 144 residents and 25 fellows with over 200 Jefferson Medical College graduates specializing in urology. Thomas Jefferson University was originally founded as Jefferson Medical College in 1824. Dr. George McClelland petitioned Jefferson College at Cannonsburg (now Washington and Jefferson College) to add a medical school to their institution. While technically part of Jefferson College in western Pennsylvania, Jefferson Medical College was to be located in Philadelphia under the direction of the medical faculty. By 1838, Jefferson Medical College gained its own charter and was no longer affiliated with Jefferson College. As a proprietary school, the faculty administrated and managed all the finances of the school. This included the sale of “tickets” to attend lectures. An infirmary to treat the poor was established in 1825. This dispensary to treat indigent patients under student observation was the first instituted by any medical school in the United States. Eventually, all medical schools in the United States adopted Jefferson’s example of combining lectures with practical patient experience. In 1969 Thomas Jefferson University was established that incorporated Jefferson Medical College, the College of Allied Health Sciences, the College of Graduate Studies and the Jefferson Medical College Hospital.

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