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The Thomas Jefferson Medicine Forum (TJM) is an annual publication of scholarly works produced by Thomas Jefferson Internal Medicine residents. TJM includes a wide variety of case presentations, individual research pursuits, reviews, and images reflecting important disease processes. The editors of TJM are exclusively Jefferson IM residents. The TJM gives our residents both publishing and editing experience that is invaluable and translatable to careers long after residency.


Current Volume: Volume 21 (2020)


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From the Editors
Eitan Frankel, MD; Guy Katz; Rachel Redfield; Navdeep Sangha; Michael Weintraub; and Randi Zukas

Case Presentations


An Approach to Refractory Hypoxemia
Daniel Garrido, MD; Evan Nardone, MD; and Mark Mallozzi, MD


Pericardial Effusion with Tamponade Physiology in a Patient with Multiple Myeloma
Sairamya Bodempudi, MD; Rukaiya Bashir-Hamidu, MD; Preya Simlote, MD; Shuwen Lin, MD; Philip Margiotta, MD; Tina Boortalary, MD; and Gregary D. Marhefka, MD


Diagnosing Non-HFE Hereditary Hemochromatosis
Brian Park, MD; Naman Upadhyay, MD; and Dina Halegoua-Demarzio, MD


An Unusual Treatment for Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia
Eric Warner, MSIII and Neil Palmisiano, MD


Exploring the Adverse Effects of CAR-T Therapy: A Cases Report of Potential MINOCA in CAR-T
Danielle Verghese, PGY-1; Adam Binder, MD; and Colin Thomas, MD


Case Report of E-cigarette Associated Lung Injury in a Health Female
Mario Fonseca-Paricio, MD; Alan Gandler, MD; and Boyd Hehn, MD

Clinical Image



Refusing to be Labeled
Jennifer Perugini

Literature Review


Serum Ammonia and Folate Levels: Opportunities for High Value Care
R. Benson Jones Jr., MD; Sean Dikdan, MD; and Bracken Babula, MD