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Presented at the 2019 Jefferson Faculty Day



Electronic Research Notebooks (ERN), also called Electronic Lab Notebooks, are becoming standard in many industries and academic labs where documentation, reproducibility, online access, and collaboration tools are important (1,2, 3). Jefferson launched cloud-based LabArchives in 2018 as its ERN. The product includes a Classroom Edition for use with students. It offers instructors options to embed course readings, documents, assignments, images, videos, audio files and links to other online resources. Students can type and save notes in their electronic notebook, complete and submit assignments, draw and annotate images and illustrations. Instructors can update the students’ notebooks anytime, grade assignments, comment on student work, and more. At conclusion of course, students can retain an offline copy of their lab notebook in a portable format, suitable for inclusion in an electronic portfolio. Here we present two examples—one from undergraduate biology and one from graduate occupational therapy—to illustrate how LabArchives was used this academic year for individual and group work, both synchronous and asynchronous. Faculty and student perspectives are shared, along with Quick-Start Guide and tips for implementation. Decide whether your course or your students could benefit from LabArchives.