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This article is the author's final published version in Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 52, Issue D1, January 2024, Pages D229 - D238.

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We describe the Mitochondrial and Nuclear rRNA fragment database (MINRbase), a knowledge repository aimed at facilitating the study of ribosomal RNA-derived fragments (rRFs). MINRbase provides interactive access to the profiles of 130 238 expressed rRFs arising from the four human nuclear rRNAs (18S, 5.8S, 28S, 5S), two mitochondrial rRNAs (12S, 16S) or four spacers of 45S pre-rRNA. We compiled these profiles by analyzing 11 632 datasets, including the GEUVADIS and The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) repositories. MINRbase offers a user-friendly interface that lets researchers issue complex queries based on one or more criteria, such as parental rRNA identity, nucleotide sequence, rRF minimum abundance and metadata keywords (e.g. tissue type, disease). A 'summary' page for each rRF provides a granular breakdown of its expression by tissue type, disease, sex, ancestry and other variables; it also allows users to create publication-ready plots at the click of a button. MINRbase has already allowed us to generate support for three novel observations: the internal spacers of 45S are prolific producers of abundant rRFs; many abundant rRFs straddle the known boundaries of rRNAs; rRF production is regimented and depends on 'personal attributes' (sex, ancestry) and 'context' (tissue type, tissue state, disease). MINRbase is available at

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