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Presented at the 2022 ASCO Quality Care Symposium.


Background/Methods: Timely administration of antibiotics in patients with neutropenic fever (NF) is essential for reducing morbidity and mortality among oncology patients. The optimal time to antibiotics (TTA) for patients with NF is unclear, but IDSA/ASCO guidelines recommend a median TTA within one hour of documented fever. This study focused on identifying barriers at a single academic institution to timely antibiotic administration for patients admitted to the inpatient Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit, and implemented new processes to reduce median TTA to less than 60 minutes.

Methods: Chart reviews were performed to identify causes for delays in antibiotics (abx). Based on a root cause analysis, 4 interventions were implemented: cefepime was stocked in the pyxis (Int 1 – August 2018), NF guidelines were updated (Int 2 – October 2019), educational videos were created for just in time learning for house staff rotating on the oncology services and an education campaign for the nursing staff (Int 3 – June 2020), a nurse driven protocol to release and administer abx was piloted on the BMT (Int 4 – December 2021).



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