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Systematic review written for the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy class Critical Inquiry I & Critical Inquiry II.


Occupational therapists working with this population have incorporated a variety of methods into their interventions in an attempt to facilitate greater ease and legibility in handwriting. These interventions include finemotor hand exercise programs, practice-based programs, and visual and auditory cueing (Bryant, Rintala, Lai, DeBakey & Protas, 2010). Improvement in handwriting skills can increase quality of life and independence, as well as decrease frustration, for those with PD (Collett et al., 2017). A systematic review of available research was completed in order to assess the efficacy of these interventions for both short and long-term outcomes. Eleven studies were identified as relevant to include in this review. The researchers recommend that therapists working with this population utilize the data gathered when planning handwriting interventions.