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Designer: Annika Zitto (she/they)

Background: Annika is a graphic designer from Hanover, PA. She is studying Visual Communication Design at Jefferson (Class of 2025) and works as a student researcher for Professor Renee Walker. She is the President for Jefferson’s AIGA Professional Association for Design chapter. Annika is also a research assistant for Dr. Radika Bhaskar with a focus on information visualization about bioplastics for educational outreach. Annika's research interest explores the intersections between user experience, accessibility, environmentalism, and urban design.

Project: This project is from Thomas Jefferson University's Experiential Graphic Design course (SDE 373) taught by Renee Walker, Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design. The project, “Finding your Way,” tasked students with creating, hypothetical, navigational signage for a location on campus. Annika opted to create signage for Gutman Library with the goal of simple navigation and opportunity for discovery.

Disclaimer: This project is hypothetical. The signage systems are not intended for implementation on campus.

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