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Vocational services are available to you during the course of your rehabilitation to assist you in returning to work or school or exploring vocational and educational options. These services may be initiated while you are in the hospital and can continue after you are discharged. You may start to receive vocational services from the vocational counselor at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, and at the same time, referred to the state agency designated to assist in vocational rehabilitation. Ultimately, you may return to your pre-injury job, or you may embark on a new educational or vocational path.

Vocational Consultation

During the course of your rehabilitation at Magee, you will be offered the opportunity to have a consultation with a vocational counselor. The purpose of the consultation, which starts with an individual interview with the counselor, is to gather information about your previous educational and vocational experience and to assist you in exploring your options and goals. The vocational counselor will help to initiate and coordinate the services that are needed to help you resume work or attain new vocational goals.

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