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Health Bridges International (HBI) is developing a training toolkit for caregivers working with marginalized youth in residential care centers (RCCs) in Peru. The toolkit represents an amalgamation of best practices, evidence informed research, and the results of our QI survey tool. We predicted that current Peruvian caregivers will identify topics of interest that differ from current literature.


Surveys were distributed to over 150 RCCs throughout Peru using email and WhatsApp messages in a snowball format, starting at the administration level. The survey required 20-30 minutes to complete and was completely voluntary. All preliminary data was de-identified and imputed into a REDCap database.


We received 113 responses, 108 of which met inclusion criteria for data analysis. Section 1 served to better define our target population and the make-up of each RCC, including location and size of the center. Section 2 used a Likert scale to rank interest in training areas, showing an overwhelming interest in all areas. The final section of the survey allowed participants to write-in any trainings of personal interest.


The results of our survey showed that there is a general desire for greater caregiver training. In addition, our survey elicited new training topics, such as challenges of COVID-19, substance abuse, and physical health. These topics will be investigated further by our research team, advisory group, and colleagues at UCSM, so that we can incorporate these topics into our toolkit. Furthermore, the demographic results will inform curriculum implementation during Stage 2 of this project.



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