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Introduction: It is recommended that women breastfeed for twelve months because breastfeeding is an important part of infant development and maternal bonding. Research shows that despite high overall breastfeeding rates, discrepancies exist in breastfeeding rates across zip codes and race in Philadelphia. The research goal is to develop a community resource to promote breastfeeding in Philadelphia and to understand the impact race and zip code have on breastfeeding attitudes and practices.

Methods: Data was collected from residents of Philadelphia and neighboring counties through an online general population survey and focus group survey. Both surveys addressed demographics and the women’s attitudes towards breastfeeding. The focus group survey included breastfeeding practices and resource preferences. Data was collected and analyzed using SPSS.

Results: There were positive to strongly positive attitudes toward breastfeeding in public spaces among all groups from the general population survey. Data analysis regarding statistical significance in the difference between breastfeeding attitudes by zip code and race is pending. Data from the focus group survey about the preferred breastfeeding resource is also pending.

Conclusion: Maternity Care Coalition’s Philadelphia Community Breastfeeding Task Force will develop a resource to address disparities among racial groups and/or zip code in Philadelphia regarding breastfeeding rates. Based on the results of the general population survey, the resource’s aim will be to address breastfeeding barriers rather than public perception of breastfeeding.