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The Healthcare Systems track is designed to prepare a physician workforce for 21st century healthcare by advancing student understanding of and ability to assess the effectiveness of current models of care and policies that support these care delivery models. The track promotes excellence in systems thinking and healthcare delivery through participation in and assessment of innovations in care models and practice transformation.

Students are partnered with real-world collaborative practice teams, community agencies, policy experts, care coordinators, faculty, information and technology teams, and biostatisticians to improve their understanding of current care models. They participate in a number of interactive collaborative practice learning activities, including seminars, hands-on workshops, simulation exercises, virtual platform experiences, community agency site visits, and attendance at quality and safety meetings and conferences. They also develop a robust scholarly portfolio by attending and contributing to monthly inter-professional research committee meetings, soliciting and reviewing articles as student editors on the peer-reviewed Jefferson newsletter, Collaborative Healthcare, and by working with curricular design teams to monitor, assess and assist with continuous quality improvement for curricular innovation at Jefferson. Team-based and independent research opportunities are designed and completed in partnership with a faculty project advisor, and publication and presentation of research findings at local and national conferences is expected.


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Class of 2021