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Imiquimod is a topical medication used to treat many dermatologic conditions, and it has been used to treat patients with Extra-Mammary Paget’s Disease. There have been case reports that described the effects and outcomes of patients who were treated with Imiquimod, but more research on its use for EMPD must be done. There have been no studies that gathered data from the patients themselves; this is what our study hopes to accomplish. We hypothesize that patients with EMPD who were treated with Imiquimod early after their diagnoses or after surgery had better outcomes than those who did not use Imiquimod at all.


This is a Case-Control design that will use a questionnaire to gather data from an EMPD patient database. Comparisons can be made between patients who used Imiquimod relating to the timing of use, side effects experienced, and other treatments used. We can also compare patients who used Imiquimod and patients who did not in a similar way. The main dependent variables are efficacy (remission) and side effects, but timing of use, regimen, and other factors can be compared as well. The data will be analyzed once responses are in.


As of the writing of this abstract, we have not sent the questionnaire out and therefore do not have any results. Once the questionnaire is sent, we will allow 2 weeks to gather responses, after which we will analyze.


If our hypothesis is correct, then it will show that Imiquimod use for EMPD is a reasonable treatment for patients with EMPD by itself or alongside another treatment (surgical excision for example). We hope that this can then be used a basis for more research on this use for Imiquimod where proper guidelines and recommendations can be made.