RPP #35: Interview: Dr. Suzanne Stensaas, Slice of Life 2007 and Podsafe ELP

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February 2007


* News from the Podosphere

o eLearning 2.0 Conference - Call for Papers

o Recording interviews using Skype and POTS (see RPP #31)

* 19th Slice of Life Workshop: Technology in Health Science Education

o Interview: Dr. Suzanne Stensaas

o June 26-30, 2007

o University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

o International Association of Medical Science Educators

* Podsafe Music Selection from the Podsafe Music Network

o "From the Beginning" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

o From Then & Now CD: live performances from ELP's '74 Cal Jam and '97/'98 Tour

RPP_35_Interview_DrSuzanneStensaas_Slice_of_Life_2007_and_Podsafe_ELP.mp3 (19425 kB)
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