RPP #28 Slidecasting, Blackboard User Groups and Pod People

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November 2006


Topics covered during this 15 minute podcast:

* Podosphere News

o Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Medicine Podcast - Rob Williams, Principle Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Guy's and St. Thomas NHS Trust, London UK

o Note Pods - Like "Cliff Notes" for your iPod

o "The RSS Revolution: Using Blogs and Podcasts to Distribute Learning Content" - presented at SLATE, the Midwest Blackboard Users Group by Jason Rhode, Assistant Director, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, Northern Illinois University

+ Slide Show

+ Audio

o Web 2.0 Tool

+ SlideShare - Another Web 2.0 social network -- like YouTube for your PowerPoint slides

* Blackboard Users Groups

o Philadelphia Area Blackboard User's Group

+ Dr. Kenneth E. Hartman, Director of Academic Affairs, Drexel e-Learning, Inc.

+ Craig Laird, Coordinator, Instructional Design, Drexel e-Learning, Inc.

o Blackboard User Groups - List of Bb User Groups, national and international

o Blackboard Connections - A central hub where Bb users can collaborate and share best practices

* "Podcasting & Web 2.0: Implications for Health Care Education" (via SlideShare)

o Also discussed on RPP #22 Podcasting 101 and Implications for Health Care

* Podsafe Music

o "Pod People Taking Over" by [munk] from the Podsafe Music Network

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