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This article is the author's final published version in Arthroplasty Today, Volume 23, October 2023, Article number 101201.

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The use of iodophor-impregnated adhesive drapes have become almost universally incorporated into standard practice of arthroplasty draping technique. Iodine-related allergies in patients planned for joint replacement present a challenge in terms of the best course of action to minimize complications and optimize outcomes.


This is a retrospective case series of patients that received an iodophor-impregnated drape as part of draping for a total hip or knee arthroplasty at a single orthopaedic-specific hospital with documented iodine-related allergies. From 2015 to 2023, 9816 total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty cases were reviewed, and 135 were documented to have an iodine-related allergy for a prevalence of 1.38%. Intraoperative and postoperative records were reviewed to screen for an allergic reaction or wound healing issues that may have been related to an adverse reaction to the use of the iodophor-impregnated drape.


Of the 135 patients, 43 had iodine listed as an allergy, 85 had shellfish, 20 had iodinated contrast media, and 3 had povidone iodine. Sixteen patients had a cluster of iodine-related allergies. There were no intraoperative reports of an allergic reaction to this drape. There were four superficial wound problems, none of which were documented to relate to an allergic dermatitis reaction, and none required further surgery.


Patients reporting iodine-related allergies were present in 1.38% of patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty in our series. We encountered no allergic reactions or adverse outcomes that could be attributed to the use of iodiphor impregnated drapes in these patients.

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