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This is the final published article from ArthroplastyToday, 2021 Oct 14;12:1-6.

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Background: Barbed suture has become popular for closure of the arthrotomy and overlying tissues in total knee arthroplasty. STRATAFIX Symmetric PDS Knotless Tissue Control Device, a unique and novel barbed suture, with barbs formed integral to the suture core provides greater suture strength than the more common cut barbed suture designs. It is the only barbed suture commercially available with an indication in high tension areas, such as fascia. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of this novel barbed suture in the formation of a water-tight arthrotomy closure, using a continuous suture pattern, compared to conventional Coated VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture, using an interrupted suture pattern, in a cadaveric knee arthrotomy.

Methods: Twenty fresh-frozen cadaver knees underwent randomization to provide donor-paired matching of the knee arthrotomy closures using barbed suture in a continuous pattern or conventional suture in an interrupted pattern. Each specimen underwent 5 phases of testing that included 1) predynamic static leak testing; 2) dynamic motion leak testing; 3) postdynamic static leak testing; 4) suture release static leak testing; and 5) postsuture release dynamic motion leak testing, to assess the fluid leak rate.

Results: Under the initial static conditions, watertightness was similar for the 2 types of sutures. However, in all subsequent phases of testing, continuous barbed suture created a better watertight closure than interrupted conventional suture.

Conclusions: In this study, it was observed that closure of a knee arthrotomy using the novel barbed suture provided improved watertightness compared to conventional interrupted closure under dynamic conditions and suture release.

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