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“Giving Back” is a Jefferson tradition beginning with Dr. William Schmidt (JMCF1917-1959), who together with Dr. Frank Krusen (JMC 1921) served as Presidents of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) in 1943 and 1941 respectively. Other Jefferson graduates and faculty have also served as President of the Academy including Drs. Bender (1973), Ditunno (1981), Reinstein (1993), Melvin (1998) and recent presidents in 2009-2013, Betsy Sandel (JRR 1984), Mike Lupinacci (Jefferson Resident teaching faculty) and Alberto Esquenazi (JMCF 2000). Both Krusen and Schmidt were founding members of the American Board of PM&R in 1947. Over the years many graduates/faculty have served on the ABPMR; Drs. Krusen, Schmidt, Ditunno, Staas (JMC 1962), Melvin and most recently Gary Clark (JMC 1975; JRR 1978), Carolyn Kinney (JRR 1984), Karen Kowalske (JRR 1990), James McDeavitt (JRR 1991) and Barry Smith (JMC 1969). Drs. Krusen, Ditunno, Melvin and currently Kowalski serve (d) as Chair of the ABPM&R.