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Arch Phys Med Rehabil Volume 89, November 2008. E75.

Poster Presented at the American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly, November 2008, San Diego, California, United States.


Patient: 31 year old woman chronic flexion contracture of hand, prior history seizure disorder, chronic conversion disorder.

Program Description: Patient presented initially to neurology service with chronic right hand flexion contracture in the context of 3 days of weakness and numbness in lower extremities after exertion. MRI/MRA Brain, Head CT, CT of entire spine were all unrevealing. Patient was transferred to the rehabilitation unit 8 days after initial admission. On rehabilitation admission patient exam was noted to have right hand markedly flexed with pain to passive ranging out of extreme flexion, chronic in nature. Patient initially had her hand ranged in the context of traditional therapy with limited success; however with use of EMG biofeedback patient was able to move all five metacarpophalangel joints on rehabilitation day 4, patient remarking that she was right handed again. Her pain level also dramatically decreased. Her overall functional status improved markedly by discharge and though she remained with decreased active range-of-motion in her right-hand, it did not detract from her overall functional status.

Setting: Rehabilitation Unit, University Hospital.

Results and Conclusions: Download poster.