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Background and Objective

A major variable in DTI spinal cord studies is the diversity in MRI scanner vendor and field strength. While there are several techniques proven to acquire DTI data, there are no standardized accepted methods for acquisition and processing. As more medical systems are utilizing this technology to evaluate the spinal cord, it is important to study the reproducibility of the DTI metrics among various scanner platforms, coil configurations and software implementations to determine the variance in obtaining normative spinal cord DTI data. This preliminary data for a multi-site DTI study examines the effects of these different MR vendors and field strengths on the DTI values of the adult cervical spinal cord.

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multicenter, DTI, spinal cord


Medicine and Health Sciences | Radiology


Presented at the 2018 American Society of Functional Neuroradiology Annual Meeting

DTI Metrics for Multi-site/Multi-scanner Study of Adult Cervical Spinal Cord

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